Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A quiet day

Today, as I mentioned, was a quiet day. Randy went fishing in Denali. We asked the bus driver, Jeremy, for a recommendation for a good place to fish. He made sure we were alone and then quietly told Randy about a place by the Savage River. He said Randy shouldn't tell anyone so I won't be specific. Randy had a good time but didn't catch any fish. He saw a few. He thinks they were graylings.

I sat in the cafe and uploaded photos and did my blog. Once Randy got home we went to the cafe again and had their homemade berry crisp with ice cream. Delicious. Then we drove into the park again and stopped at some gift stores.

For dinner we went to 229 Parks Restaurant, just down the road. I read about it in Trip Advisor. We didn't realize we needed reservations so at first it looked like we wouldn't get in. But then the host said we could, in about 15 minutes. We ended up getting the same waitress wed had several times in our little cafe by the cabin. She works both places. She said she's actually from Seward but here just for the summer while her boyfriend, a carpenter, is working in the park. She is a very fair-skinned young woman, with blonde eyelashes and blonde eyebrows besides long blonde "dreds." I overheard her at the cafe telling a co-worker she'd once grown them past her hips but cut them because they practically choked her at night. She wore them in a bun while working and she said she gets a sore neck from the weight.

Anyway, the food was delicious. I wanted to take a photo of our plates but I thought that'd be gauche. I had scallops and Randy had duck. Mine was excellent but Randy's really was delicious. It was a nice meal for our last night in Denali. We had a nice bottle of Pinot Noir and toasted our wonderful time in Denali together.

Soon now it's off to Bedfordshire (that's my little British-ism for bed, stolen from Bridget Jones' Diary.) It's 10 at night and still light out. Pretty cool. Tomorrow we plan to drive one last time into the park and, we hope, visit the dog kennel, then drive on to Fairbanks. We hope to visit the museum there in the afternoon, and maybe tomorrow morning go on the gold mine tour.

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