Sunday, July 31, 2011

We're here

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Well, we made it. Our flight was delayed about 4 hours out of SFO but we finally got going. We knew we'd miss our connecting flight from Seattle to Anchorage but they booked us on another one. We missed that, too, probably by about 5 minutes. They put us on standby with another one and booked on yet another. We got on the standby one and finally made it to Anchorage, although our luggage did not. It's after 10 now and we're still waiting for the luggage. I got a call about an hour ago that they were delivering it.

Unbelievably, we just got finished sitting on the deck of our little bed & breakfast, The Arctic Inn, with our old friends Bob & Marj Terpstra! We discovered that we were both going to be in Alaska from our Facebook updates, but who'd've thunk we'd end up in the same hotel?! What are the odds? We all could not believe it. So great to see them. We're going to go to church together tomorrow. We had the innkeeper take a photo of the 4 of us but I can't upload it yet because I only have my iPad and no way to get photos to it from the nice, fancy camera I'm using. Dumb ol' Apple has no USB port on the iPad, at least the iPad 1 that I have. What's up with that? Anyway, I'll post the photos later. Mark, if you're reading this, Bob said to tell you we took that especially for you and we're wounding why you and Grace aren't here. :)
The Moons and the Terpstras at The Arctic Fox Inn, Anchorage, Alaksa.

Randy and I walked downtown for dinner. We went to a place that had a nice deck on the 2nd floor. The sun was shining while we sat there. I took several photos -- the sun at 8 pm, the sun at 9 pm. :)

The mountains were beautiful even just out of the airplane. I always think of Psalm 8 when I fly, but when I'm looking at mountains and glaciers, even more. I kept singing the song in my head, "O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth."
Glacier from the airplane window.
Our flight from Seattle was enlivened by a little girl traveling by herself. Her name was Callie and she is 10 years old. She and her mother live in Healy, Alaska. Her mother takes care of dogs in Denali. I could tell you many more details about her -- she was a chatty little thing. Cute, really. Isn't it amazing how trusting kids are? She pretty much treated me like a mom within about 5 minutes. She'd ask me to help her open her food and she told me about her ears plugging up and then popping, just made herself at home. It was nice. We're going to look for her and her mom if we get to see the dogs in Denali. I think it's a stop on our bus ride into the park.

Well, now I'll do some looking around at stuff to do in Anchorage. We're thinking of going to an arts & crafts fair that is a few blocks down from here, after church. We saw it on the way back from the restaurant.

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  1. I wish Grace and I were with there with the 4 of you--it would be so much fun!!!

    Hope you get your luggage and laptop arrive soon! Once they lost Grace & my bags for over 48 hours....that's when we learned to always carry some spare undies in our carry-ons! (Yesterday, on your previous post, I was tempted to say something about working so hard to squeeze that laptop in the checked luggage instead of carry-on, but I didn't want to seem too preachy, and you were all ready getting enough disapproving input from Randy :)

  2. You Moon's even adopt daughters during vacations, so typical! ; )

    I can't believe that flight fiasco - I KNOW Randy's going to say that's why he'd rather drive places, blah, blah, blah but I still stand by the Road Trip Cringe! Let us know how it unfolds...

  3. Thanks, Mark and Dre. Luggage finally arrived in the wee hours. And, yes, I like flying places still, too, and we're getting plenty of road trip in on this trip!