Monday, July 25, 2011

Prairie Home Companion in Alaska?

I just ordered several CDs of the Prairie Home Companion to take with us to Alaska. I was thinking there might be some long road trips and these are always fun to listen to. I ordered the "Summer," "Winter," "Fall," and "Spring" CDs which I owned back when they were in cassette version. One, probably "Summer," has the famous "Tomato Butt" story. That was our kids' favorite.

I still haven't decided on the bag I'll use to carry stuff. I want to combine my purse and the big camera in one. I tried out a cute one I got in London (how cool is that to say?) and it worked all right but was kind of floppy. Randy needs new walking shoes for the trip so maybe I'll look for a bag when we go for those.

Another day of work done. Only 4 more to go!


  1. I'm thinking you could use a new Vera Bradley bag for this trip.... :-)

    Three more work days!