Saturday, July 30, 2011

Minor drama at the ticket desk

Randy and I are at our gate, waiting for our delayed flight to Seattle. If we miss our connection they have us on the next flight. Hopefully we'll be okay. I told the ticket lady here at the gate that she has a lot of patience and kindness. She's doing a good job all by herself.

So, the minor drama? We have 3 suitcases: one huge one for me, and two smaller for Randy. Already when we were packing at home Randy took some of my stuff to give me more room. Then when we got in line to check our bags, my bag weighed 59 lbs. Oops. Randy asked what did I have in there. Well, at the last minute I put my laptop in there so I wouldn't have to carry it, and I also had put my CD collection in there. When he heard I had my CDs he was so disgusted. I took them out and also my laptop and the weight was fine. I was going to carry those. Then while we continued to wait I first asked if he had room for the CD case in one of his bags. It just fit. Wait a little longer. I asked did he have room for my laptop in the other bag. It fit. But all this was done under a cloud of disapproval and disgust.

To be honest, I didn't tell Randy I was bringing the CDs because I thought he'd think it was stupid. I really want some stuff to listen to on the road, though. Wouldn't it just serve me right if the rental car has no CD player? Then he'd have a real "I told you so." On the other hand, if it does, and we get to enjoy music and Garrison Keillor, I'll have the "I told you so." Who will get to say it (or more likely, think it)? Stay tuned!


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - Not even out of the state and the entertainment has already arrived! I can't stop laughing...."look of disgust"...LOL!!!

  2. It will be fun to follow your blog!