Monday, February 21, 2011

What are we thinking?

Randy and I have been talking about visiting Alaska for years. And it's something I've wanted to do since I lived there as a kid. When I was in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade my dad was stationed at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage. Even as a kid it seems like I understood a little bit of the awesomeness of Alaska, although I also remember just taking it in stride. Before we moved away, our parents took us to Denali National Park (then called Mt. McKinley National Park) and I remember seeing the mountains and animals. I feel like ever since then I've known I wanted to go back some day.

Here are a few photos from my days in Alaska. I only have a few; I think that was my first camera, probably a "Brownie" camera, or maybe an "Instamatic."

Our front door. I believe there were 8 households in each of these base housing buildings. This high density living was great for us kids, lots of other kids to play with. We also got huge hauls at Halloween!
Several buildings were grouped together around what we called "circles," a circular area with playground equipment. In the winter they'd pour water into one of the circles and it would turn into an ice rink.
My little sister Jan and brother Joel.
My cabin at King's Lake Camp, where my older brother and I got to go a couple times.
My sister Jan on the sledding hill. Imagine having that in your backyard!
My dad in his "dress suit."
In my photo album I labeled this "the Nash's side yard." The Nash family lived on one end of our building.
My sister, dad and brother Dan by our Volkswagon camper, which we rode in for many a long trip.


  1. Ah, looking at that picture of me and Joel, I'm struck by what a fashion sense I had even at that tender age. I also notice that in that picture and the one of me with the sled, I'm squinting in the sun with one eye shut and my mouth twisted up. Glamour.

  2. LOL. I don't know if you remember once you sent me a birthday card of a pot-bellied little girl wearing a striped shirt? I thought of that when I posted these photos. Both the card and these pictures make me laugh. I didn't have any photos of myself in Alaska but I remember from our family slides that our fashion sense was on an equal level. Once after Mom showed slides I asked how could she let me go out looking like that, and she said, "You were happy."