Saturday, February 26, 2011

Change of plans - no RV

Well, today Randy and I decided we'd change our plans and not rent an RV. Gas prices are going up and the more I thought about it the more I wondered if we'd spend as much with an RV as we would renting a car and staying in hotels. And then there's all the stuff that goes with an RV, like cleaning it out and driving it around. I kept seeing things at the RV park websites about shuttles to here and buses to there and I started thinking how we'd be parking the RV and then have to take buses and shuttles everywhere instead of being more independent. So, we cancelled the RV and I made new reservations.

So far, I've reserved a rental car and a bed & breakfast in Anchorage and a cabin in Denali. The cabin sounds kind of cool. It's right by a river, 13 miles from the park entrance. At first I was thinking I should get a place right by the entrance, but as I looked at the different places and checked things out, including on, I decided we should be all right even though we're not right at the entrance, especially now that we'll have our own car. There's a cafe and espresso bar right there, you can get a lunch packed for you and everything. I asked about fishing and the woman there said that you can't get anything in the river right at the cabin because it's glacier-fed and only has some small fish, but about 15 minutes down a gravel road is good fishing and she said it's a beautiful drive.

When I gave my name to the woman taking my reservation for the cabin she told me all about how "Mavis" was her favorite name. She said when she was a little girl she saw some movie with a person named Mavis and it was her favorite from then on -- her Barbies were named Mavis. Pretty funny. It is a good name; it has served me well.

We still have our flight over McKinley reservation and the tour bus in the park, too. Next I need to start working on the rest of the trip.

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